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It's About Time.

Final's almost coming up, and I feel a need to update my livejournal more frequently.

But before I do that, I'm still saddened by the fact that one of my favourite guys who created great webtoons in Youtube, Edd Gould (best known for 'Eddsworld'), has passed away on 25th March. The sudden news of him dying was very unexpected, since in his previous video about his condition he assured viewers that he's going to be fine. Can't believe that a guy who has the same age as my brother was struggling with it for six years. The news struck me so bad, along with other issues as well that I have a talk with the school councilor a week later. Appreciate what you have right now and take good care of yourself; you'll never know what (awful or not) surprises will happen in future.

First off, KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE IS FINALLY OUT! Now that it's out, I'll be awaiting for more FF Versus XIII news soon. It's about damn time that games need attention. Seriously, they could have announced it in 2010, got us FF fans panicking for no reason. Lately I'm having the urge to write some short stories before moving on to more ambitious ones. If I'm going to prove to the world that my works will be great, small steps are the way to go.

I would to give three cheers for capsule's new album 'Stereo Worxxx'. My favourite songs are 'Step On The Floor' and 'Feelin' Alright' of all the tracks. I wish there's an official music video for 'Step On The Floor', I've seen some great fan videos of the song. Damn, I would like to use this as an opening song for an otome game I'm currently planning at the moment.

I'm planning to take basic Japanese classes over the vacation period. I hate doing nothing over the holidays, I'm never fond of seeing the days passed by without meaning and I'm planning on taking more advanced classes in future. My love for Japan and what they have (anime, manga, video games, food...EVERYTHING!) has me piqued my interest in learning more of their culture. This may sound cliche, but I believe that my knowledge of Japanese language will take me to greater heights in future.

Lastly, what I desperately need right now is a back massage. Seriously, it's hurting so bad that not even my mother's massage can relieve the pain.

I can't believe it's already the end of 2011. Another year gone, off to the next.

New Year's resolution & what I'm expecting in 2012 (In no particular order):

1. More Final Fantasy Versus XIII info: It's about time Square Enix gives us more info about FFVXIII now that Type-0 and XIII-2 (at least in Japan) is out of the way. I (along with the fans) can't stand the news drought any further that has been plaguing since November (if we discount the little snippet infos in the Type-0 Ultimania, make that September or if you want to be extreme, July.) I'm starting to lose hype for this game. And I'm planning to buy a PS3 sometime in future, so please don't disappoint me Square Enix. OTOH...

2. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: At least KHDDD can keep me occupied if no Versus news arrive in March. Hoping to save enough money to buy a 3DS and a Vita by the end of 2012. Judging by the response of many KH fans after the Jump Festa 2012 trailer was uploaded online, I'll probably have to face a forum overload once the game hits the shelves.

3. Getting better results for my exams + Hone my piano and clarinet skills: I believe I can do a lot better now that I have lesser classes to attend (but still as challenging as the previous semester). Wasn't completely satisfied once I saw my results online. Can't complain any more if I want to make everyone and myself happy. (I also obtained the Cross-Disciplinary Elective that I wanted on my module registration. Three cheers for me!)

4. Get at least one story completed by the end of the year. I should be called 'Procrastinate Queen' for not doing my job. (I'm not paid to develop my stories. As in my current situation.) But from the look of my current situation with my new works, I'm looking positive regarding this by the end of the year.

5. Attend Japanese language classes: With my second semester break taking three freakin' long months, why not learn something that I'm interested in. Hopefully I could find a class to attend and not having it cancelled once the teacher finds out that s/he has not enough students to begin teaching. I know that because my mother teaches Thai (a language that I have no interest learning currently) in community clubs.

6. Watch more anime series: My track record of keeping many shows on my tab aren't as stellar as the previous years with the increased school-load and RL commitments. Added with the fact that I'm beginning to lose interest in anime and finding Western cartoons a little more interesting in recent years (MLP: FiM and the upcoming Avatar: The Legend of Korra comes to mind), I hope that there will be more interesting premises for the seasons to come.

7. Last but not least: Update more. Look how empty this livejournal is!

To everyone out there, have a great year ahead!

Month Round-up + Welcoming 2012

It's been about 8 months since I made my last (or first in this case) post. Been more active this month than any other this year, though I'm in an on-off situation regarding my works I'm currently working on. One's a fantasy work that is heavily inspired with Norse mythology, the other an urban fantasy that has got to do with dreams, reverse harem and dealing with crazy people. I really hate time management. Moving on to the things I've done this month:

1. Bangkok Trip (9th Dec - 19th Dec)

I didn't want to fall sick again like my last trip, which was around 2 years ago at this time of the year. I wasn't disappointed with everything, particularly the weather. Getting my exam results while overseas was one of the reasons why I didn't fully enjoyed the trip, although to be able to eat whatever I want (without my mother complaining, not in front of our relatives and other people) make up for that. It's awesome that they have a free broadcasting channel showing anime shows 24/7 (bad news: they are all dubbed in Thai), even though the shows are already over in Japan (Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Guyver, Initial D, old seasons of Naruto and Bleach, 1st season of Black Bulter, Reborn, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and lots of other shounen series). Totally make up for the lack of wi-fi at the apartment my mother and I are living in. If only we could visit the sunflower fields again... (Flood make that impossible.) Guess better luck next time...

2. Watching all 53 (currently) Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series episodes

It's funny that I can still recall what happened in the original dub (not 4Kids's version, Singaporean dub. At least they don't make terrible puns and it's still tolerable if it's on Youtube. Not going to happen.) and watch it again, this time with the original content replaced with popular culture references, silly inside jokes and poking fun of 4Kids. And that's when Youtube has yet to be created and known. Took the time to watch the extras and specials to better understand the Abridged universe.

Not to mention CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYC- *shot dead*

3. Vampire Knight Chapter 78

Hino-sensei make it less confusing this time by showing us everyone's intentions. Seriously, things everything (aside from the art) has been turned into a train wreck from chapter 74 or 75 onwards. As of late I'm starting to become more apathetic towards the main characters' actions; are you going to stand there doing what Sara wants and angst about... that little problem that's troubling you? Yes, you have personal problems and the existence of the purebloods are in danger, but no. On the other hand...

4. Karneval Volume 6

Bought the latest volume available in my country. Apparently, everything's moving upwards from the first page till the end. Obviously everyone has decided that party time's over and reveal some of the ongoing questions that are bothering the main cast for a while now. Will be waiting for the next volume of Karneval and Trinity Blood as soon as it is made available here.

5. Fate/Prototype

I was intrigued with TYPE-MOON's original draft of Fate/stay night turning both the main Master and Servant characters back to their original genders. I was hoping that they could complete the original story and publish it in future, but with a 12-minute short of how it's going to be like is enough to drive a usual TYPE-MOON fan off the ceiling. Watched most of the Kara no Kyoukai movies, the first and second season of Carnival Phantasm and the first season of F/Z. Haven't got to know much of F/SN yet, but I'm going to take a look at the short once it arrives together with the third season of Carnival Phantasm.

I must say that I'm starting to lose interest in anime. Not manga or video games, but I feel that there aren't a lot of anime shows that can keep me interested for a long period of time. I'm posting the things I'm going to expect in 2012 as well as my New Year's resolution. (I can't promise that I can keep them.) But the one that I don't want to expect is destruction and whatever the natural disasters seen this year. 

Deleted all of my past posts. Too bad none of them lived up to my current standards now that I'm all grown up, working the hell out of the deadlines I have to meet in school. So many presentations next week, very little time. I wish next week passes quickly and I can concentrate on theory. Frustrating and mind-boggling, I shall say. Just posted my fic in saibuddies, a Star Driver livejournal community titled 'I Am Not Alone'. I better get some comments; took me about a week to get it done perfectly.

I wanna get a paid account~